Selling Real Estate

Selling  property can often appear to be deceptively easy.

  • A sign (with flyers) is installed in front of the property.
  • An advertisement is placed in the internet and newspaper.
  • Buyers line up to buy.
  • Seller & Buyer agree on Price.
  • Escrow is opened & closed.
  • Seller gets his money.
  • Buyer gets the property.
  • Everyone is satisfied.

The Reality…

There is much more to the process, and it can result in a great deal of risk – legal and financial – to you.

Benefits of hiring a qualified proactive full-service agent:

  • Agent takes the upfront risk (financial, time, etc.)
  • Agent has background, knowledge, and experience in selling real estate.
  • Agent does the work – not the seller.
  • Agent has access to contracts and other documents.
  • Agent provides wide range of marketing.
  • Agent familiar with Federal and State disclosure laws.
  • Agent is able to pre-qualify prospective buyers.
  • Agent is able to pre-qualify prospective buyer’s lender.
  • Agent has access to service providers.
  • Agent experienced in negotiating.
  • Agent gets paid after services rendered, not before.

Seller Concerns include:

  • your need to sell
  • the timeframe within which you need to sell
  • the time available to you for marketing and negotiating
  • your business arrangements before-after sale
  • the current market conditions
  • determining current market value and realistic asking price
  • the condition of the property
  • the financial ability for you to properly market & advertise
  • your motivation for selling (financial, business relocation, etc.)
  • taxes
  • current disclosure laws
  • current discrimination laws
  • qualifying buyers
  • selecting service providers
  • determining which service providers are needed/required
  • determining the most effective marketing & advertising
  • the negotiating background you have – against experienced buyers/investors
  • determining which contracts and forms you should use
  • your experience in working with contracts and legal forms
  • your experience in writing offers and counter-offers
  • possible tenant issues
  • your experience with problem solving
  • your legal and financial liability (ie: lawsuit related to property disclosures)
  • to represent yourself, or hire an agent.
  • if hiring an agent, to hire a relative, a friend, or an independent agent.

There are good reasons why the vast majority of  property owners hire qualified agents to sell their real estate:

  • The sale of real estate can involve a lot of money.
  • The sale of real estate can have a lot of financial and legal risk

Doesn’t it make sense that you should be represented by a qualified, proactive, Professional Full-Service Representative?

Mobile: 626-319-2711
660 W. Huntington Dr. Arcadia, CA 91006


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