Selling Property

Selling  property can often appear to be deceptively easy.  Just put up a sign, place an ad, and sell it.

However, the reality is that selling property usually involves a great deal of knowledge, experience, time, effort, and money,

Benefits of hiring a qualified proactive full-service agent

The Agent:

  • takes the upfront risk (including financial)
  • has the background, knowledge, tools, and experience in selling.
  • does the work – not the seller.
  • regularly works with real estate contracts and documents.
  • provides a wide range of marketing.
  • is knowledgeable with disclosure and other real estate laws.
  • is able to pre-qualify prospective buyers.
  • is able to pre-qualify a prospective buyer’s lender.
  • has access to a variety of service providers.
  • is experienced in negotiating.
  • gets paid after services rendered, not before.

Seller Concerns include:

  • the need to sell
  • the timeframe within which you need to sell
  • the time available to you for marketing and negotiating
  • business arrangements before and after the sale
  • current market conditions and trends
  • determining current market value and realistic asking price
  • the condition of the property
  • the financial ability for you to properly market & advertise
  • the motivation for selling (financial, business relocation, etc.)
  • taxes
  • real estate law, including disclosure and ant-discrimination
  • qualifying buyers
  • determining and selecting necessary service providers
  • determining the most effective marketing & advertising
  • the negotiating background you have – against experienced buyers/investors
  • determining which contracts and forms you should use
  • the experience have working with contracts and legal forms
  • the experience you have writing offers and counter-offers
  • possible tenant issues
  • experience you have in problem solving
  • representing yourself versus hiring an agent.
  • hiring an independent agent  versus  a relative or friend


There are good reasons why the vast majority of  property owners hire qualified agents to sell their real estate:

  • The sale of real estate can involve a lot of money.
  • The sale of real estate can have a lot of financial and legal risk

Doesn’t it make sense that you should be represented by a qualified, proactive, Professional Full-Service Representative?

Pro-Active  v.  Passive agents

Passive agents wait for business to happen.

Pro-Active agents don’t wait.   We pick up the phone, make the calls, knock on doors , and  actively search for buyers of your property.

Which would you prefer – a Pro-Active or passive agent?

Limited-service  v.  Full-service agents

Generally, limited-service refers to the minimal marketing and representation (if any) provided to you by an agent.  This may include a sign, flyers, and multiple listing (mls) access.  You could also end up dealing directly with buyers, service providers, other agents, various problems – and liability.

Full-service representation provides a wider range of marketing and services to you, working with you, agents, buyers, service providers, and others.

As an example, we market and advertise worldwide via 500+ websites and links on the internet, so that a greater number of prospective buyers can be introduced to your  property.

The full-service representative is prepared to take risk upfront, (including the necessary time, effort, and financial) on your behalf, in order to offer you the best chance of getting the best price and terms for your property, in the timeframe you need.

Independent agent  v.  relative or friend

The risk to you here is that your relative or friend might not be as direct or assertive as an independent agent should be, in order to avoid hurting your feelings, upsetting  you, or jeopardizing your relationship.

Your agent should be independent, pro-active, and professional.

Agents  v.  Companies

All agents are not the same – even within the same company.

Professional full-time agents have a great deal of knowledge, background, and experience.

And, professional full-service companies are willing to invest a lot of money into marketing and services, in order to provide you with a greater opportunity of meeting your real estate needs.

Internet Marketing

Your property should absolutely be marketed throughout the internet, and with a pro-active agent, your property can be linked to over 500 websites!

Print Advertising

Print advertising is still necessary and can be very effective, especially when placed in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, which have a wide readership.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)   v.   Appraisal

A comparative market analysis, provided by real estate agents at no cost to you, indicates recent sales activity for properties that are similar to, and in close proximity to your property.  The report will usually reflect a range of value (lowest to highest), and an average value.  The report will normally include properties that sold, currently in escrow, currently for sale, and properties that didn’t sell.

Similar to a comparative market analysis (cma), an appraisal is a formal opinion of value for a property and is performed, for a fee, by a licensed appraiser.

Note:  Both the CMA and Appraisal are a reflection of recent market activity and may influence, but not specifically determine, the final sale price and terms for your property.

For Sale sign

Properties are often sold because a buyer drove by a for sale sign, called the agent, and submitted a purchase offer.  Unless there is an unusual circumstance, a for sale sign should be installed.

Real Estate Fees

Fees are negotiable.  They can vary, depending on the type of representation and service provided – and the experience of the agent.  They can also reflect your need to sell – as well as your ability to sell.

A  low fee is generally associated with minimal service, marketing, or representation (if any) by an agent.  A low fee can also reflect an agent who is desperate for business – putting the agent’s needs first – instead of your needs.

For Sale by Owner

If you have the extensive background, knowledge and experience (including real estate, legal, negotiating, marketing, and financial) required in selling real estate, then perhaps you can represent yourself, especially, if you are willing to accept the legal and financial liability involved.

Remember, when you represent yourself, there are generally, two types of buyers that you may come into contact with: professional investors, and buyers who don’t qualify for a loan – both of whom will also want to save the commission, buy at “below market” value, have little or no down payment – with you taking the risk.

Doesn’t it make sense to have a qualified full-service and pro-active agent working for you?

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