Coldwell Banker George Realty

Recipients of the Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite Award  and Chairman’s Circle Award represent the crème-de-la-crème of COLDWELL BANKER® companies globally.

Coldwell Banker George Realty and Coldwell Banker Commercial George Realty are a proud recipients of these awards.

George Realty was established in November of 1984 and has since become one of the most unique real estate companies in the Southern California and Pacific Rim markets.

Today, the company has over 500 agents, and offices in Alhambra, (headquarters), Arcadia, and Rowland Heights.

In 1998 George Realty became affiliated with Coldwell Banker  to become the largest and only Coldwell Banker  Affiliate, with a direct link to the Pacific Rim communities, and the rapidly expanding Pacific Rim buyers coming into the Southern California market.

There are approximately 20 offices operating in Taiwan Republic of China using the George Realty name and logo.

Coldwell Banker George Realty is highly recognized in the Pacific Rim communities as the source for Real Estate in the Southern California market place.

To this end the company is a member of boards of realtors and multiple listing services in all 6 Southern California counties. The utilization of these and other databases allows our agents and clients, access not only to local properties, but all of Southern and Northern California.

Mobile: 626-319-2711
660 W. Huntington Dr. Arcadia, CA 91006